Captain Jack Sparrow

Captain Jack Sparrow ~ 5″ x 7″ oil on hardboard panel
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Captain Jack Sparrow is my dog. This is a painting of him from when he was a little puppy. He was a gift for my son’s 9th birthday, can you guess what his party theme was? Yup…it was a pirate party! But Captain Jack is not a pirate in our family, not even close, unless you count the odd dive for a fallen scrap at the dinner table. He’s a sweet hound, lab, border collie mutt…He’s one of my best friends, an awesome running partner, and a cougar protector. I’ve been out walking with him and a few times he has stopped dead and not allowed me to move past him. He just says, “Nope, no way, you’re not going that way. There’s danger. We’re going home.” If I turn around, or go another direction, he’s completely happy, but there’s no way to force him to go towards whatever it is that he senses. He’s gentle and playful with the kids, and seems to know that he can’t bite down hard. If we say ouch he backs off. I’m grateful to have such a loyal friend and protector in our family. 
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Prince of Shadows

Prince of Shadows ~ 6″ x 6″ oil on hardboard panel
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My love of horses has been with me since I was a child. I remember so vividly, a spirited Morgan/Arab cross that I was riding with a friend one day. She was a beautiful bay that looked very much like the horse in the picture I painted. My own horse was a placid and gentle quarter horse and was no challenge for my friend who hadn’t ridden much. Being the experienced rider  we decided to switch and I got to ride that gorgeous Morgan. She was a dream, with a smooth gait and lightning speed. 
About an hour into our ride, five kilometres or so from the nearest house, the horse I was riding went down on her knees, and tried to roll, saddle and all. I didn’t know her well, and thought that maybe she was just trying to dislodge the saddle. When I saw her eyes, though, they were filled with pain, and I knew she must be colicking. Colic is a painful intestinal condition, that can severely injure a horse, and is very very serious. If they don’t get medical attention, they can die. 
I forced her to her feet, and we took off, at breakneck speed, through the woods. My only thought was to get her to a house where we could call a vet, as soon as possible. She would run, then stumble and fall…every time I had to jump off of her back before she rolled on me and then my friend and I would pull her to her feet, and I’d get back on and run more until, battered and bruised, we made it to a friends’ house that had experience with horses, but she wasn’t home. Only her young daughter was there. We called the vet, only to discover he was already out on another call, and it would be hours before he returned. We got a bottle of vegetable oil, wrenched the horses’ mouth open and poured it down, and then took turns pulling her to her feet, and making her walk in circles. I was always told to never let a horse roll when they were colicking, as it could cause serious damage. At any rate, after a few hours we were exhausted, and still no vet. My friend finally came home, and said we should probably shoot her! I refused adamantly, as it wasn’t even my horse! Finally an uncle showed up who had a pain killer for animals, and the horse calmed down. And then the vet came, and finally all was well. The vet commended us for saving her life! 

Geza’s Ghost ~ the plight of the rhinoceros

Geza’s Ghost ~ 24″ x 36″ oil on canvas

Geza was a two and a half year old white rhino (this painting is actually of a black rhino) brutally mutilated and left to die by a poacher that will try to sell his horn to someone who thinks that rhino horn has medicinal qualities. It has no more medicine as our hair or fingernails, as it is entirely composed of keratin.
Rhino poaching is out of control, and some species of rhino are nearing extinction. Almost 1000 rhinoceros have been killed this year alone, and the killing is happening faster than the rhino can reproduce. These idiots must be stopped.
I’m offering prints of “Geza’s Ghost”, with most of the proceeds going to a charity which helps stop the poaching. Print size is 12″ x 18″ with a half inch white border all around. PLEASE help stop the obliteration of one of the most magnificent creatures on our planet.
This video is about Geza and his plight. WARNING! It’s very sad and hard to watch: