When I was twelve, I wanted a horse so so bad. But my parents were poor. We lived on a bit of land, but it was treed with young willows, and wasn’t landscaped at all. They told me that if I built a corral, then I could get a horse. Never underestimate the determination of a 12 year old horse-crazy girl!! I did it, enlisting my siblings to help saw poles and posts. I dug the holes with a two handled post hole digger, and even helped my dad build her shelter. They took me to visit this gorgeous quarter horse, Miss Peeti Poco. She was from a famous bloodline, but wasn’t able to conceive, so she was no use as a brood-mare. Our 13th birthdays were 8 days apart. I was in love. She lived a long happy life with us and we had many adventures together. This photo, used with permission from the fabulous equine photographer, Karen Broemmelsick Photography & Art , reminded so much of her. I just had to paint it. It’s SOLD to a lovely buyer from Duncan, B.C.

The Kids

The Kids – 8″ x 10″ oil on gallery wrapped canvas.

$95 USD unframed BID HERE

I grew up on a farm in the sunny interior of British Columbia. My parents still run this very farm with sweet baby goats, boisterous chickens and a multitude of yapping Pomeranians. Since they were small, it has been a place of magic for my children. They use the broken down cars for forts and the parked camper as a jungle gym. They chase chickens and collect eggs, and have spent endless hours snuggling baby goats. I love to watch the interaction between them. The baby goats seem to love it as much as my children. My boy, Jacob, is now fifteen, and a lot less likely to be seen cuddling, but this photo was from a time when he still allowed us to see his fascination.

If I Stay

6″ x 6″ oil on gessoed panel $75 starting bid at DailyPaintworks  


Here’s the next in my mini-portrait series. I was inspired by her unconventional beauty and the muted palette. It seems to add a sense of mystery to the scene. I want to know what she’s thinking, where she’s looking. Did someone call her name? She looks a little upset but why? Is she trying to leave?