Serenity — Mute Swan on pond

Serenity — 6″ x 8″ oil on canvas   for sale on ebay tomorrow (Sun, May 29, 6:00pm PST) Here’s a new daily painting I finished yesterday. I have to graciously thank “scalespeeder” on flickr for his generous permission to use his photo. I was very attracted to the drama of the backlight glistening throughContinue reading “Serenity — Mute Swan on pond”

Grizzly Bear Portrait

Grizzly Portrait — 18″ x 18″ oil on canvas  $1400.00 SOLD Click on the image to see it bigger.                                            Proof that I painted it!! LOL!! I’m really so happy with this one…that happens soContinue reading “Grizzly Bear Portrait”

Two new paintings — Lion portrait, and Equine Painting

   The King — oil on canvas panelbidding opens around 5:30 pm, May 22. Bid Now Bidding starts at $39.99 My newest painting today…and my second newest, below… I’ll Come Running 5″ x 7″ oil on canvas bidding opens around 5:30 pm, May 22.  starts at $39.99 Bid Now I’ve been having a lot ofContinue reading “Two new paintings — Lion portrait, and Equine Painting”

Another Magnolia

My Magnolia 6″ x 6″ oil on canvas panel I know…another magnolia, but my tree is blooming, and I’m completely enamoured with it it right now. I love magnolia trees. I’m baffled by the huge blossoms, like some tropical flower. Their smell, so much like the sweetest tulips, and how the petals litter the ground like fragrantContinue reading “Another Magnolia”

Magnolia Flower

Magnolia in my sketchbook Hi everyone. I finally felt like sketching today! The sun is out and brilliant, and it’s hot and it finally feels like spring. I’m smiling!! Our magnolia tree looks absolutely magnificent right now, so I thought I’d take advantage of the sunny day to go outside and sketch it.  It’s blackContinue reading “Magnolia Flower”

Coffee break- original horse oil painting

Coffee Break 6″x6″ oil on canvas panel  $150.00 Here’s my newest daily painting. I love horses. I’ve always loved horses. I started drawing them when I was about five and the obsession hasn’t ended. And workhorses speak to me of a time when life was simpler…more real…more in touch. I miss it in a way.Continue reading “Coffee break- original horse oil painting”

back to a painting a day!

Leo 6 x6 oil on canvas  SOLD I decided to do a close up of a lion for some reason yesterday…not really sure, I just liked the pose.  Maybe that’s the way I should work, lol! Just paint whatever strikes me at any given minute. It might work. I would probably have about 90% ofContinue reading “back to a painting a day!”

Flamenco 2

“Flamenco” 6″ x 6″ oil on canvas panel NFS This is the final painting in my flamenco series. It was fun, other than I don’t really know what to name them all. I finally got some good pictures…I stuck them in the scanner, and they all worked, whaddya know! So I replaced all the picturesContinue reading “Flamenco 2”

Ole`! Flamenco Dancer

Ole!!  6″ x 6″ oil on canvas panel For sale on ebay starting Sunday, 6 pm PST The fourth in the Flamenco dancer series. I had fun with this one, especially on the hands…I’m proud of them! lol! Ole!! 6 x 6 oil on canvas panel (New photo!:)) Again, the quality of the photo reallyContinue reading “Ole`! Flamenco Dancer”