Old Man Drawing

Old Man Drawing in my sketchbook with coffee, graphite and white chalk about 4″ x 6″ Realistic portraits are my default art. When I’m absentmindedly sketching, it’s faces, always faces. Ever since I started drawing, as a child, I drew faces (and horses!)  And when I’m feeling directionless, I always go back to faces. It’sContinue reading “Old Man Drawing”

A Doodle Gone Good ~ The Raven

~The Raven ~ pen and ink, and photoshop I have to admit, I have been horribly remiss when it comes to painting…sigh…where did my discipline go!?  I’ve been making jewelry, and inventing recipes for gluten free, sugar free baked goods, and sewing for the local farmer’s market, everything else but painting.  The business of summerContinue reading “A Doodle Gone Good ~ The Raven”