She'll Be Here Soon ~ 4

I love how nature unexpectedly mixes complementary colors. The male eastern bluebird is just spectacular. The blue and orange combination is so unexpected and brilliant.
This little painting is ready to hang and will be available to bid on DailyPaintworks starting at 7 am PST, April 26th…Just click on the photo to take you to the auction.


Thank you, Stanka…you remind me that as artists, we all have the same struggles, the same thought processes. It’s a difficult occupation, the constant struggle with the self, the ego, the fear, the doubt, but also the joy and fulfillment. I wouldn’t have it any other way. A little less doubt, maybe, but like you said, we need it…in small doses.

the rogue in progressThe Rogue ~ red fox watercolor painting

Right now, my 10 year old son has an obsession with red foxes…he’s done reports on them, studies them online, reads books about them from the library…needless to say, there is a lot of fox reference around lately, and his enthusiasm is wearing off! Hence, “The Rogue”…I remember growing up on the farm with chickens, foxes were a constant threat. But my dad would never try to shoot them. He just put chicken wire on top of the pen, and framed right down into the ground so the foxes couldn’t get in. He is an animal lover, through and through.