Keeping Watch


Keeping Watch~ 6″ x 6″ oil on Raymar Canvas Panel

I’m having a lot of fun with this red underpainting right now. It makes everything so exciting and saturated, and somehow, psychologically turns off the literal, analytical, realist part of my brain, and helps my creativity find a starting point. I have constantly fought with being too realistic and detail oriented while wanting to be more creative and impressionistic. The red is helping!

I’ve wanted to paint a barn owl since I saw a live one for the first time in a friend’s barn on Vancouver Island. It was sitting up in the window, in the dusty sunlight, and without a sound it swooped over our heads and out the door. It boggles the mind that something that big, and moving, could be so utterly silent. If I hadn’t seen it move, I wouldn’t have known it was there at all.

This little painting is up for sale right now at DailyPaintworks…the starting bid is $49.00 and you can click here to bid or to see some of my other works. Prints are available over at my Etsy Shop.


It’s been forever and ever since I posted anything on here, but I truly want to get back at it…I have been one busy girl for the last two years, but I have managed to have achieved (somewhat) my dream…But achieving dreams is hard work, and it doesn’t always look like what you imagined. It still needs some fine tuning…but I’ve opened up a little Art Gallery/Handmade Gift shop/Cafe in our tiny town, and it’s exceeded every expectation that I had. Unfortunately, it’s left me very little time to paint. It’s slowed down for the winter now, though, and I have some help, so I’m going to try posting some new artworks for you all.

Here is my first one. I call it Encounter…a white wolf. One of the most elusive of our planet’s beautiful animals. I hope you like her. She measures 4″ x 10″ and is painted on Raymar Artists Quality hardboard panel. She will be available at DailyPaintworks starting tomorrow, at