Captain Jack Sparrow

Captain Jack Sparrow ~ 5″ x 7″ oil on hardboard panel
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Link becomes live on Dec. 20, 2013
Captain Jack Sparrow is my dog. This is a painting of him from when he was a little puppy. He was a gift for my son’s 9th birthday, can you guess what his party theme was? Yup…it was a pirate party! But Captain Jack is not a pirate in our family, not even close, unless you count the odd dive for a fallen scrap at the dinner table. He’s a sweet hound, lab, border collie mutt…He’s one of my best friends, an awesome running partner, and a cougar protector. I’ve been out walking with him and a few times he has stopped dead and not allowed me to move past him. He just says, “Nope, no way, you’re not going that way. There’s danger. We’re going home.” If I turn around, or go another direction, he’s completely happy, but there’s no way to force him to go towards whatever it is that he senses. He’s gentle and playful with the kids, and seems to know that he can’t bite down hard. If we say ouch he backs off. I’m grateful to have such a loyal friend and protector in our family. 
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