I was attracted to this scene by the strong backlight through her gorgeous red hair. She looks out of our time, ancient yet young. Wise but youthful. She looks like what I imagine Claire’s daughter, Brianna, from Outlander to look like! Is it anyone else’s favorite book series and TV show?! She’s up for sale at my Dailypaintworks site starting tomorrow. Starting bid is US $75. BID HERE


I love to paint artists of all kinds at work. When we are absorbed in our passion, so much is transmitted to the viewer that is hard to explain in words.  We are connected to another realm, and completely internal and when I see someone engaged in theirs it makes me want to capture that. Flamenco dancers transmit so much emotion through their dance, and I find their costumes and movements the epitome of passion.

If you love this little painting as much as I do, you can grab it here starting tomorrow at: small