"Freedom" Horse painting for ebay

Freedom — 11″ x 14″ oil on canvas This photo really doesn’t do this painting justice. It doesn’t show the richness of the color, and it really flattens out the background. I have it on ebay right now until 6:30 PST if anyone is interested. Starting bid is $90…I also have some more ACEO’s…Cheers! HaveContinue reading “"Freedom" Horse painting for ebay”

…and even more ACEO’s

Hello everyone…sorry about the lack of sketches, if anyone noticed…but I’m trying to make a few bucks to pay for the deluxe printer I just bought, lol!  And I need special paper, too, and Crystal Clear Bags… Uhhh…the business of art. I’d rather just paint, and let someone else do all the other work, butContinue reading “…and even more ACEO’s”

Feeding the Pigeons at St. Stephen’s Green

I finally finished another travel journal page. They might be coming a little slower these days. I’m super busy with a lot of other things, but I’m determined:) This was just a sweet scene that I captured when I found the park. It was such a beautiful place, a veritable oasis in the middle ofContinue reading “Feeding the Pigeons at St. Stephen’s Green”

New ACEO’s for sale on Ebay

I’ve been busy the last few days trying to make a living…yes, I know…the shame…painting for money (SIGH) but it has to be done. LOL! Well, I’ve been having fun…it’s always refreshing to whip off a bunch of these cute little cats and horses, and people do love them…(oh yeah, they’re not cropped and weirdContinue reading “New ACEO’s for sale on Ebay”