“Inishmore” 12×16 oil on panel $400.00 I remember the day when I took the reference photo for this painting so well! I was stuck at an intersection on my rented bicycle behind this pony cart driver on Inishmore Island, in Ireland. We were waiting for about ten other pony carts and bicycles, and a minivanContinue reading “Inishmore”

My Little Artist

“My Little Artist” 18 x 24 oil on canvas $800.00 Here’s another fairly recent painting from my gallery show. Please excuse the horrible glare in the photo. It isn’t there in real life.I caught Jacob in a beam of light through our big sliding glass windows, and I couldn’t resist painting the play of lightContinue reading “My Little Artist”

mother and child, beach painting

A Walk on the Beach – Tofino, 24″ x 48″ oil on canvas $2,000 Hi all, I’m back!! Yay! We finally have had our internet issues resolved, hopefully this time for good, so I will be much better at posting now. Ever since we got back from holidays, we’ve been on dial-up (and very slowContinue reading “mother and child, beach painting”