Help for Australia!

Koala Fundraiser – signed Fine Art Giclée Print, 8 x 10 inch

As many of you are, I find myself distressed and horrified by the terrible state of emergency that Australia is in, and the horrible impact that the fires are having on the wildlife there. I’ve decided to create a series of Australian wildlife portraits in watercolor, for which 60% of the profit from the sale of the prints will be donated to WIRES (

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A Little Blue

I feel like I haven’t painted in weeks! I was starting to feel guilty, depressed and even questioning why I bothered!! Crippled with indecision about style, medium, and subject matter…I finally know from experience that the solution is to pick something, just anything, and start painting. First the ground, then the sketch, and suddenly I’m “in it”. Time disappears and the silly self doubt disappears. I started this one last night from a reference photo by Velinar Ivanovo from @Unsplash, a great resource for artists! 

I chose this image first, for it’s simplicity, because of my self doubt, I knew that I had to choose something easy, so I didn’t “shoot myself in the foot”. Secondly, I love the sense of mystery, the delicate fabric of her robe, her melancholy. It tells a story, and I want to share human stories…