Thoughts on Why I’m an Artist

False Modesty ~ 7″ x 9″ oil on canvas panel
For sale on Daily Paintworks
Why am I an artist?
I remember sitting at the coffee table, at five or six years old. We had a brown shag rug that tickled my knees. 
Someone had given me a sheet of tracing paper and it was a revelation.
I could draw something that looked like what it was supposed to! It wasn’t childish circle faces and triangle trees. It was a dog, or a horse, or whatever it was…I don’t even remember the subject, but it looked like what I’d meant it to look like! 
My parents had beamed and exclaimed over how beautiful it was, always encouraging even my most childish scribbles.
As I sit writing this, my six year old daughter has just run up to me, beaming,
with her tracing of Draculaura. “Look how good I’m doing, Mom!” she trills.
“Wow! That’s awesome!” I say. 
It doesn’t matter that it’s traced, it matters that it looks right to her. That day on the brown shag rug, I suddenly had confidence that maybe my little hand holding a pencil, could make something look right, how it was “supposed” to look. And I know that is what my daughter is feeling right now.
That day I decided I would be an artist. I didn’t stop drawing. I drew everything I could and soon I didn’t need to trace. I could make it “look right” all on my own.

Signs of Spring

You know it’s spring when these colourful little critters start popping up in fields all over the countryside!
I just can’t resist those long eyelashes and that little mischievious twinkle. She looks like she’s full of “piss and vinegar” as my dad would say;)
For this one, I tried to work the complementary colours of blue and orange to make this little gal pop. 
Curly Sue ~ 6″x 6″ oil on canvas panel
For sale on Daily Paintworks
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Samoan Fire Dancer painting…time in Hawaii

Keeper of the Fire ~ 24″ x 30″ oil on canvas 
Soooo….I have a confession to make. 
I haven’t posted a thing in so long because…I am in Hawaii! I have been for the last two months!
I’ve been soaking up the sun, enjoying the beach, and relishing the time with my family, uninterrupted by school and work. I haven’t painted very much. I haven’t wanted to interrupt this special time. When I paint, I want to be left alone. I resent the attention everyone else demands from me, and I become a lot more selfish. And the more I paint, the more I want to paint. 
This vacation I wanted to just be. Just be with my kids and my husband.
My marriage has become even more precious, my relationship with my children has blossomed. (They are such amazing human beings!) I love to see them learning about their new environment, excited and curious again. I don’t feel like they’re missing too much, being away from school. They do their homework every day, and it hardly takes an hour. The rest of the day they get to learn about Hawaii, and they’re so enthusiastic in their learning. They can name all of the Hawaiian fish, and many of the flowers and birds. They’re just little sponges! I wish my memory was half as good!
I have painted a bit, when they were doing something that didn’t interest me, or when I absolutely had to off-gas some creative energy, for fear of exploding! I’ve done a few little horses, which have all sold, and this monster of a painting.(above) 
I got the idea for him last year, after seeing photos of the Samoan fire dancers. The contrast of fire and darkness is so powerful and dramatic. I wanted to add a feeling of ancientness, of story, so I added the petroglyphs.
I hope you like it:)