Spirit of the Sphinx

Sphinx Spirit calls to us from across the eons to put down our worldly desires and take up our true calling, our soul contract. Like the Phoenix she burns away all that doesn’t serve us and makes us see our own faults, she burns away the fetters that have been keeping us asleep. With her three riddles, answered correctly, she claims to free us but finding our true calling always requires a sacrifice, and the sacrifice usually means the death of something that has been keeping us from living in our truth. Archetypally, the Sphinx is the Guardian of the 9 gates of Ascension. Before we are permitted to go through a gate, she asks us the riddles. If we don’t answer correctly, we can get lost in our own fear and drama and get thrown back into the previous gate.

The riddles are hard to answer and the Sphinx will try to confuse us. She uses the conflict between our wounded inner masculine and inner feminine as a way to keep us from ascension. (The woman vs. The lion) It is not until we find harmony between the two and answer the riddle correctly that we can pass. When the Sphinx appears in our life, it is time to hold ourselves to account. What questions have we been afraid to ask ourselves? How have we been denying ourselves our birthright? How can we make better, healthier physical and spiritual choices every day, to push ourselves out of our comfort zones and toward our heart’s desire? and finally, how can we live in alignment with all that we cherish?

What makes YOUR heart sing? What is it that raises goosebumps of anticipation? What makes your heart pound with anticipation and joy? Go there but be prepared to learn about what you’re truly made of. For if that which we pursue comes from a pure, untarnished place, if we can resist the urge to let fear overtake us, the Universe promises us success.


Published by Tahirih Goffic

After a tumultuous past as a goat milker, laundress, fine art major, waitress and restaurant owner, I've now downscaled to running my own Cafe/Gallery in an effort to maintain a social life and make a few bucks. I live a ridiculously idyllic existence in a fairytale village called Bella Coola on the West Coast of British Columbia with my charming musician husband, two amazingly creative children, and a dog whose favourite past time is eating rotten dead fish and rolling in poo. In my not so spare time I love to invent healthy whole food recipes, write YA fiction, play guitar, or curl up in my favourite chair with a great book and a gigantic mug of strong black coffee, all while daydreaming of living in Ireland...

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