Geza’s Ghost ~ the plight of the rhinoceros

Geza’s Ghost ~ 24″ x 36″ oil on canvas

Geza was a two and a half year old white rhino (this painting is actually of a black rhino) brutally mutilated and left to die by a poacher that will try to sell his horn to someone who thinks that rhino horn has medicinal qualities. It has no more medicine as our hair or fingernails, as it is entirely composed of keratin.
Rhino poaching is out of control, and some species of rhino are nearing extinction. Almost 1000 rhinoceros have been killed this year alone, and the killing is happening faster than the rhino can reproduce. These idiots must be stopped.
I’m offering prints of “Geza’s Ghost”, with most of the proceeds going to a charity which helps stop the poaching. Print size is 12″ x 18″ with a half inch white border all around. PLEASE help stop the obliteration of one of the most magnificent creatures on our planet.
This video is about Geza and his plight. WARNING! It’s very sad and hard to watch: