I’m Looking at You…

I’m Looking at You…O’Hare Airport
This is from my layover at O’hare. They have an interesting airport. There’s absolutely nothing after you get through customs except for a junk food machine. It’s row after row of shops, then a simple gate with two dudes, you go through, and then there’s nothing…I had a two hour wait, and there wasn’t even food! So I had to go back out, and around, and go through the line-up again…it was all slightly confusing! But I’m pretty new to travelling. 

11 thoughts on “I’m Looking at You…

  1. Great travel sketchbook and I love the sketchbook project, finally caught up on your last pages. The portraits are beautiful and love the ending with the kids drawings.
    Well done on finishing!


  2. That's an interesting composition. I am leaving on a trip soon too and I am considering taking 'a kit' with me so that I can draw and paint while waiting at airports. I like the advice Caatje gave to the group. I need to brush up on working with watercolors.It will be a good time to do it while I am traveling.


  3. awesome sketch! I like planes…and this is definitely a good looking one, with the passport and the text… it's more bold than ever. =) simply awesome


  4. Thanks so much everyone! No, seesue…the passport is a scan…i was thinking of sketching it, but there was just too much finicky stuff in the logo!


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