Good Morning, Sunshine

Good Morning Sunshine — for the sketchbook project
She’s actually staring out the big sliding windows in our kitchen, into the rising sun. We have a gorgeus mountain view, and it was glowing pink on the snow. Just gorgeous! I’m going paint this one of these days, because the light is amazing. Actually, I did start out trying to paint this for the sketchbook, but you don’t want to see it! I totally blew it on the right hand side, and had to rip it out and start over. I thought for time, and safety’s sake, I would stick to a pencil drawing.

10 thoughts on “Good Morning, Sunshine

  1. Wow! One of my favorites. You do so well at capturing children's faces and I love the little dog, too. I'm sure it will be difficult to let your sketchbook go, but think of all the people who'll be able to enjoy it.


  2. This drawing is soooo wonderful that I can't imagine this sketchbook leaving your side forever! And I for sure want to try to “borrow” it, i.e. look through it when it arrives in Brooklyn.


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