Fishing for leeches

Fishing for Leeches — Sketchbook Project

This is from a photo of my kids at the lake this summer. My husband has a band, and he was hired to play for a wedding near Tatlayoko Lake, at a ranch way out in the middle of the wilderness…Bracewell’s Lodge. We were given this rustic cabin on a leech abundant lake to stay in…no electricity or running water, with mice running over us in the middle of the night…but it was still a blast. The kids had so much fun, and instead of being grossed out by leeches, they were fascinated by them…so much so that they were obsessed with catching them, which is what they were doing in this picture. 

9 thoughts on “Fishing for leeches

  1. Just been looking through your pics for the sketchbook ect and they are so precious, it will be sad to separate yourself from this book, you could copy them so you always have a print. Well done and your sketches are lovely


  2. Haaaa! LOL! Sounds like some thing I would have done when I was a kid! It's great that you still had fun, even without the electricity. I know I would have liked it, but it seems like most women I know would have freaked out. Wonderful sketch and it sounds like a great weekend! (mice and all!)


  3. I've been catching upon your blog. Your sketches are Fantastic!!!! What a treasure to have forever. You've inspired me to start one for my boys along with little stories of their every day lives. Beautiful works.


  4. You should really be illustrating children's books. Every time I look at one of your sketches, it just screams picture book. 🙂 This is wonderful. Such a moment captured in time. Kids are great subjects for sketching and this is something that brings back memories for lots of us grown up kids. Really superb drawing.


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