To Sleep or to Paint?

Hi all, sorry, still posting only sporadically. That wasn’t my intention when I started this blog, but…Life has different ideas for us sometimes. My only time to do this is the evening, and my 17 month old daughter, bless her little heart, decided that she was no longer going to be weaned from her night feedings. So my last two months of sleep training, and my little taste of sleep lasting more than 4 consecutive hours, came to an end. She started waking up every single hour all night and the only thing that would get her to sleep was to nurse! Believe me, I tried not to give in, but sometimes sanity comes first! Anyways, that put a stop to any painting or posting.
So, we started all over the other night. Made her dad sleep with her all weeekend. She doesn’t act up half as much for him! We’re making some headway, so hopefully I’ll have some new paintings to show you soon. I’m itching to get that brush in my hand!
I’ll be away from my computer for about a week, taking a holiday, so maybe I’ll have time to paint then.
Ciao for now.


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