Grizzly Bear Wildlife Painting Demo – Day 2

Okay…on to day 2. It doesn’t look like I’ve accomplished a heck of a lot yet…just my hubby snapping pics…Like my studio? Lol! It’s my kitchen. It has the best light in the house. I do have a proper “studio” set up downstairs, but I never paint down there. It feels too much like a dungeon.
This is about 2 hours in on day 2. I’ve layed in a mid-tone color for the water, and added some highlights. I’ve also done more refining on the bear. Just darkening between the wet clumps and accentuating some of the lights, trying to get that feeling of form instead of flatness…
This is about 4 hours in. So that’s about 8 hours of painting so far. I’ve switched to oils now. I confess…I lost patience with the acrylic paint. I looked at all of that water, and realized just how much work it would be in acrylic, and with a huge sigh of defeat,  I pulled my oil pallet out of the freezer. (Yeah, I store it in there to keep the paints from drying out!) Since my discovery of Liquin, a painting medium which helps flow, and speeds drying time, I’ve found that I can paint wildlife in oils just as effectively as in acrylics, and I love how easy oils are to blend, and that you have time to work with them while they’re still wet. 
So here I’ve worked the water in the whole right side of the canvas. I started picking out individual waves and highlights, trying to achieve the transparency and movement.
Stay tuned for day 3!