I Heart Rocks

Click on image for larger view.
I remember being five years old, sitting on the ground beside the school swings, and being in awe of the amazing variety of rocks to choose from…way more rocks here than at my house…WoW! Lol!
And things haven’t changed much! I still collect rocks, and I’ve passed on the “rock nut gene” to both of my kids, too. Our window ledges are veritable streambeds! 
We went on a bit of a nature walk yesterday, to check out the “new river”. It’s completely blown out and changed it’s course since the flood. It’s quite a mess down there, but still beautiful, I guess. The kids and dogs had a blast. I kept my eyes scanning the ground for cool rocks, while my hubby clicked away with the camera. Above are a few of my finds for the day…I love the heart shaped ones…:) It’s watercolor pencil with ballpoint pen, on my Robert Bateman bristol sketchbook. It’s not really meant for watercolor and buckled a bit. I couldn’t figure out how to photoshop the weird scan marks out without making it look over-photoshopped…Anyways…that’s it for now. 

Christ Church Cathedral and the Synod Hall, Dublin

This was such a beautiful site. The cathedral itself, which is off to the right, and the Synod Hall, which is actually an add-on from the late 1800’s, I believe. It was formerly a church, and was built around the tower which is much older. It now houses a permanent display on Medieval and Viking Dublin, called Dublinia. 
The actual picture isn’t quite so whitish…the scanner really reflected off of the pastel which, in reality is a lot more muted. It get’s the point across anyways, I think. It was raining…Hard! But, in typical Ireland fashion, it cleared up in about ten minutes and I was on my way. Here in Bella Coola, if it starts raining, it doesn’t usually stop for two or three days (or weeks!)