Glove and Sock Animal Week

Zoe, Pearl, Pinkey, Spot and Whiskers I’ve been back from Maui for about two weeks now, and it’s been a bit difficult to adjust, I have to admit. There’s still six inches of snow in my yard! And it’s still below freezing most mornings…What happened to spring? Well, the first week back was a whirlwindContinue reading “Glove and Sock Animal Week”

Totally NOT Paintings…Sock Monkey and Sock Horse by Tahirih

So, I’ve been painting a bit,  a few commissions for Christmas and such, but I’m in a bit of a slump, so I thought I’d try my hand at a bit of a different type of creativity. My kids love stuffies, and we found the pattern for the horse in one of their library booksContinue reading “Totally NOT Paintings…Sock Monkey and Sock Horse by Tahirih”