These Boots are Made for Walking

These Boots…for sketchbook project My little girls’ boots. I want some! I’ll be sad when she grows out of them. They are so cute, and just my style…lol! I sat these in front of me on the coffee table last night and drew them while I watched t.v. Needless to say, I don’t remember whatContinue reading “These Boots are Made for Walking”

These Old Shoes

These Old Shoes–Sketchbook Project Some more shoes….they’re fun to draw. Blank ballpoint with some blue details. They took about three hours. Funny, I have patience to work on a sketchbook picture that long, but a big painting on canvas? Not so much, lol! I suppose there’s always a feeling that the canvases are serious, tooContinue reading “These Old Shoes”

This Girl’s Shoes

Sketchbook Project- This Girl’s Shoes A new sketch for the Sketchbook Project. ┬áThis one was fun! I was inspired by Andrea Joseph and her wonderful shoes in ballpoint. I started out in black ballpoint, and then thought “they’re so colorful, I can’t leave that out”, so I did the color accents in colored pencil. TheseContinue reading “This Girl’s Shoes”