Team Work- Draft Horses

Teamwork” 9″x12″ oil on canvas SOLD

This is a painting I whipped off in about a day, a week or so ago for the ArtWalk in Williams Lake. It had only been hanging for two days when they called to let me know that it had sold. Yay!! Gotta love that!:)
But, I have to admit…I’m still having a creative crisis. This selling thing is wonderful, and it’s great to have shows and get some recognition…but somehow it all seems like a bit of a sellout.
I don’t know…I’m painting, I should be happy. But nearly every painting is wrenched out of the abyss of self-doubt. (Except this little gem above! Why can’t I feel like that about painting every day?) I’m not painting what I want, but if I paint what I want it won’t sell, and I want it to sell, because if it doesn’t, then I have to get a “real” job, and if I get a “real” job, then I won’t have time to paint, and then I won’t be happy either, and the wheel goes round and round…I suppose it’s the age old dilemma of the artist. Do I paint for the people or do I paint for myself?