My Memories Suite Giveaway

Today I am hosting a giveaway…my very very first.

I was always really attracted to the “idea” of scrapbooking, and I’ve even managed to put together a few, before I was a full time artist and a mom. The only problem….Time! A few years ago, I started to make a scrapbook for my mom for a birthday gift. It’s still not done!! I always say, “when I have time”…with my kids growing up and being soooooo…busy, I just haven’t managed to finish it off. ¬†Deciding on paper, finding the right embellishments and then cutting and gluing everything takes forever. Well, I don’t have to do that anymore, because now I’ve found My Memories.
My Memories Suite is rated #1 on Amazon and Top Ten Reviews. You can create so many different projects: photobooks, digital scrapbooks, cards, calendars, and printables for parties, and they’re free templates are gorgeous. Look what I made today, in half an hour!

I couldn’t resist sharing the whole thing…it was fun to put together, and super, super easy. Basically just drag and drop your photos into the squares and…voila! A beautiful layout. They have a lot of great pre-made templates, and new ones are very affordable from their site. Everything is customizable, too. The sizes of pictures, the embellishments, the page elements…it’s really a great program.
Sooooo….I guess you’re wondering what you have to do to Win this great software: just follow the instructions below…

First, Like my Facebook Page¬†or if you don’t do facebook, follow my blog…
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Then, answer me this, in the comment section…What made you smile today? (and tell me if you’ve done the other things)

I’ll announce the winners in a week…and if you just can’t wait, or you don’t want to follow my instructions, lol, you can get 10 bucks off of the software, any time, by clicking on the little icon below…