Little Drummer Boy

Little Drummer Boy for Sketchbook Project I’m finally back at it. Something about the looming deadline made it not fun for awhile! What a typical Taurus I am. Tell me I have to do something, and I run the other direction…lol! It’s also been pretty hectic with Christmas and parties and all that stuff. IContinue reading “Little Drummer Boy”

My Little Artist

“My Little Artist” 18 x 24 oil on canvas $800.00 Here’s another fairly recent painting from my gallery show. Please excuse the horrible glare in the photo. It isn’t there in real life.I caught Jacob in a beam of light through our big sliding glass windows, and I couldn’t resist painting the play of lightContinue reading “My Little Artist”

Searching for Sand Dollars

Searching for Sand Dollars 12″x16″ oil on canvas Yay! Blogger finally let me upload another picture! My internet connection has been so bad lately that it hasn’t been working for the last three days. I can do simple stuff like google searches, but it doesn’t like Blogger, Hotmail, or Facebook.So, this is a fairly recentContinue reading “Searching for Sand Dollars”