Uncle Ron

Uncle Ron 16″x20″ oil on canvas SOLD

This is my latest commission, for my Uncle. I loved the pose, the clothes, and the kick-butt (with slight sly humor) expression on his face. It was from an old sienna photo and I colorized it, with the help of the authentic hat and jacket, and a ‘not-so-willing’ little brother.

“Miss Wendle~Barkerville” 16 x 20″ oil on canvas

Here’s another of the previously “undercover” Barkerville paintings. I really liked the challenge with this one. The wrinkles in her shirt, the lace of the curtains, and the wallpaper patterning all gave me quite the hassle, but overall, I’m pretty happy with the result, although the paint took on a weird sheen in the far left where the glare is. The photo has quite a glare on the left hand side from the sheen that’s not really there, though. I have to re-take all of my art photos now that I have the use of a good camera.