Grizzly Bear Sow and Cubs painting demo

I only decided to make this a demo at this stage…sorry, I didn’t get an earlier pic! But this is only about 40 minutes in. The canvas is only 9″x 12″. I didn’t draw or grid this one at all.  I just eyeballed the main shapes and distances with reference marks, filling in the darkest darks and a vague outline with a rough underpainting of burnt umber thinned with 1/2 mineral spirits and 1/2 walnut oil. I like walnut oil because it doesn’t stink like linseed, and from what I’ve read, it’s more stable and non-yellowing. I did a thin coat of burnt umber mixed with a touch of payne’s grey for the mother’s undercoat, which shows through most of her light overcoat. The cubs have a bit of ultramarine blue mixed with that, as they appeared to be greyer, with less red in their coats. The overcoat on the mom is mostly yellow ochre with a bit of burnt umber and white, with touches of burnt sienna for the redder markings.  The black for her eyes and nose is burnt umber and ultramarine blue, which makes a great black. Much less flat than tube black, which I don’t like to use at all, other than for getting some interesting greys.  I’ve started to wash in the background with a half medium half paint mix of burnt umber, paynes grey, and white, with a bit of terre verte.                                                                                                                

This second stage is at about two hours. I’ve refined Mom’s fur a bit, adding some darker shadows, and I’ve finished off the cub on the ground and started on the cub on her back. The cubs have a different texture and color of fur, so I’m mixing a bit more blue to the burnt umber, yellow ochre and white mix, to get a greyer color. They’re also fuzzy, so I’m using a dabbing technique to capture the look of their fluff. I’ve refined the background as well, trying to get the look of the tide flat’s wet muddy, sand. 

   Patience 9″ x 12″ oil on canvas  $250.00

And Voila! Finished, in about 3 and a half hours. This one will be for sale at the Bella Coola Valley Inn Gallery, as soon as the paint is dry…probably Friday. Thank you so much to Roy Tennant at for the reference. Cheers!

mother and child, beach painting

A Walk on the Beach – Tofino, 24″ x 48″ oil on canvas $2,000

Hi all, I’m back!! Yay! We finally have had our internet issues resolved, hopefully this time for good, so I will be much better at posting now. Ever since we got back from holidays, we’ve been on dial-up (and very slow dial-up at that) which made it virtually impossible to upload any artwork. I was also painting like crazy for my show, which is currently being shown at the Station House Gallery. Now that it is up, I feel like it’s okay to unveil some of the new paintings that are for sale there. If anyone is interested, please contact me at
Bye for now.

Nap Time #3 (in progress)

Okay, this isn’t really only the third painting session, but I didn’t dare show you all the previous two or three before this! Frightening! For literally 15 painting hours, I went backwards. Once again, I seemed to forget everything I learned. I’m starting to question the whole inspiration thing. Every successfull artist I’ve ever read about says you have to work even if you don’t “feel like it”, but it seems like every time I try that, I screw everything up! The skin tone has gone from yellow, to orange to purple and back again! But, yesterday, I “felt like” painting, and everything I knew came flooding back to me. It was like I was working from instinct instead of thinking about it. Anyways, I’m pretty happy with the results. I still need to tweak some values and richen up the skin tone a tad, but I’m feeling positive about it again.
As always, constructive criticism is welcome, so feel free to comment.

Crazy ACEO’s Craze

So, I decided to try a few ACEO’s, I believe it stands forArt Card Edition Collectables. My mistaken assumption was that I could whip them off fairly quickly, thereby afford to sell them for much less on ebay. Well…let’s just say, that I could have finished three 6″x8″ paintings in the time it took to do four of these little suckers, and the fourth is not fit to show you! It’s hard to get convincing detail into a 2.5″ x 3.5″ little square!
My brain feels like it’s going to explode!!! The good thing was, that I could work on them at the kitchen table with the kids running around, I didn’t have to hide in my studio.
My poor baby girl is sick right now, though! ArRrGghhh!!! What I wouldn’t give for daycare sometimes. Not when they’re sick, I mean, but on other days, so I could get something done.
Any other artists out there have any experience with ACEO’s?
Are they worth the time and effort? I want to paint big!! Really big, actually. My arm is starting to cramp and pretty soon I’ll need reading glasses, or to paint under a magnifying glass!


Sorry, no posts in a long time. I’ve been working on an assignment for the children’s writing course that I’m studying. This is a new painting though, that I finished last night. I think it’s finished, anyways. I might put some kind of hanging in the background in really dark tones, I’m not sure yet.

I’m also ridiculously exhausted this last week. My daughter, who was weaned off of her night feedings, is no longer. She’s waking up every hour or two all night to nurse, and I can’t seem to wean her. I’m at my wits end! I also have no energy to do
much of anything, let alone paint.

Well, I’m sure it will get better soon.
Signing off for now.

Rhiannon and I

No new paintings to post today. I did get one finished last night, but not photographed. I’ll put it on tomorrow I guess. I just had a really great day with kids and friends today. It seems like I have so little time to just…do nothing. I mean, not cleaning, not cooking, not painting…just to be, socialize, play with my children.
My 4 year old son actually said to my husband today, “Dad, I talk to mom sometimes too, you know.”
LOL! My goodness…I really need to play more. I’ve been so focused on getting time to paint that I’ve been not playing with my little people enough, so today, and yesterday, we had fun. Here’s a painting I did a little while ago of my daughter and I, playing. My son was snapping pictures of us and he got a great one.