Glove and Sock Animal Week

Zoe, Pearl, Pinkey, Spot and Whiskers
I’ve been back from Maui for about two weeks now, and it’s been a bit difficult to adjust, I have to admit. There’s still six inches of snow in my yard! And it’s still below freezing most mornings…What happened to spring?
Well, the first week back was a whirlwind of cleaning, unpacking, organizing, dusting…ewwww…two months of dust and cobwebs…and the second week has been one of adjustment. Adjusting to the MUCH slower pace of life here. Adjusting to the weather. Adjusting to my home. I feel a bit like I’ve been thrown  off of orbit. I felt like that when we arrived in Hawaii, too, but now it’s the other way around. I felt intensely creative, but had no urge to pick up a paintbrush. So I sewed instead. Sewing is relaxing. It is quiet, methodical, and allows one to almost meditate. And at the end of a few hours, there is a sweet little creation, staring back. My kids love them! I’ll be selling them in a new Etsy shop I’ve started, just for my other creative endeavours. 
I’m at Heartfelt Pals on Etsy…click here to see my shop, and check back often as I’ll be adding new items all week.