Work in Progress, Demo Stage 2

In Progress “Installation #2”

Still unfinished…it will be for a while I think. I’ve come up against a block called “lack of education”! Well, it’s not so bad, but I’m stalled in the mid ground. I painted for about 6 hours the other day, on the right side, mid ground buildings and made a huge mess! I need to figure out how to convincingly paint impressionist buildings at sunset from a high perspective. If anyone has any good links I would totally be interested in seeing them. So for now, back to the drawing board. I’m letting this one sit for a while to see if I can learn some more before I go back and screw it all up. I want this one to be good!
I’ve been painting quite a bit for the local market since I last posted, as I’ve been given an exhibition space at the Bella Coola Valley Inn. So I’m painting a few smaller, less expensive works with a local theme. I’ll show one of them off in my next post.
Bye for now!

“In Progress” 24″x36″

Here is the first step in my new painting. This is pretty much about 6-7 hours of work. I’ve pretty much worked out the drawing, I’ll fix any glitches in the painting stage, as I’m getting tired of erasing rooftops! In the painting, most of the buildings, with the exception of the Duomo, will be merely suggested, but I felt that I needed to draw them in nonetheless, in order to get the perspective right.
I’ll post the next installment soon. Cheers!