Bella Coola Floods, Painting Workshops and Commissions

Well, a bloody lot has happened since I last posted, and that was only a little over a week ago.

Sorry to keep you waiting, but I have a good reason. Mainly that my town, Bella Coola, with it’s one highway leading into it, has been hit with a devastating flood. The road is out in innumerable places, and it could be weeks or months before it is open…and I am on the other side. I can’t get home.

(Our main highway through town…that’s the gas station.)

  Bailey Bridge


But, on to better news: The reason I was out of town when the flood happened is because I was having an opening at a gallery in Quesnel, and teaching a painting workshop, and those were successful. Here are a few of my students, working really hard. Great paintings, ladies!

And, lastly, the good thing about being stuck out here, I scored a great commission to paint someone’s dear deceased dog, and I’m pretty excited to get that underway.  All of the time spent stuck in Quesnel could lead to a lot more work, teaching and otherwise, so that’s all good. I just wish that I could see my hubby and my friends, and help with all of the rebuilding. I feel so far away from everyone. My heart goes out to them.