Stonehenge postcard

¬†Stonehenge Sunrise¬†4″x6″ postcard¬†watercolor, pen and ink I was so excited to see Stonehenge, finally. I’ve always felt drawn to all things pre-historic and ancient, and Stonehenge was no exception. I stayed in Bath, England, a beautiful city about an hour or so drive away. Bath is gorgeous and old in itself. It was founded byContinue reading “Stonehenge postcard”

The Irish Busker painting a day daily painting for ebay

“The Irish Busker” 8″x10″ oil on canvas I came across this delightfully eccentric looking Irish busker in Galway, Ireland in September. I just had to take a picture. I finished painting him in one sitting while attending my table at the above mentioned Arts and Crafts Fair.Oh yeah, bye the way…I went to Europe…for aContinue reading “The Irish Busker painting a day daily painting for ebay”