Andrew — Pencil sketch in my Moleskin

Andrew in my moleskine

I’m taking a break from the grizzly bear painting for a few weeks. I need to not look at it for awhile, so I can see it with fresh eyes. Often putting a painting away for a while, and working on other things, allows me to get some distance from it and make better decisions once I go back. Things seem clearer, mistakes seem more obvious, and sometimes I think that the problems just work themselves out in my subconscious when I just give them some time.  The worst thing I’ve ever done to any painting is to keep on working when I’m beyond frustrated with it, and believe me, every painting goes through that stage! I’ve ruined a few paintings with my stubbornness and my dogged determination to finish at all costs. So not good! 
Going back to the plain old pencil, my first love, is like visiting an old friend. No surprises, just comfort. Knowing exactly what to expect…it’s nice, and safe. I can work for hours, and my mind wanders and time disappears. It’s easier for me than color, no huge decisions to make, nothing that will ruin the picture that can’t be fixed without an eraser. 
The wonderful reference photo for this one is from JonathanR on Flickr. You can see it, and more of his beautiful photography, here.
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What I drew today

Sketches: Friday, June 17, 2011
So, this is what I did today. I had every intention of painting “en plein aire” today, and even packed up my easel, paint, a canvas, snacks and water…I was ready to go. My intended destination was Clayton Falls, a gorgeous waterfall just past Bella Coola. I headed to town, leaving in the bright, warm sunshine, and the closer I got to the falls, the worse the weather was. I was dressed for hot sunny day, and by the time I got there it was cold and windy. Too cold to paint in what I was wearing. So, headed back up the valley towards home, and lo and behold, by the time I got back up here it was warm and sunny. (We have a few different eco-systems here in this valley) So I stopped by my friends, Holly and Fraser’s hotel, The Bella Coola Mountain Lodge…formerly known as the Coast Mountain Lodge and also the Brockton Inn, and enjoyed sipping green tea, playing with their adorable cats, and sketching from their back deck in the glorious sunshine.

Another Sketch of the Boy

Jacob’s Art–for the Sketchbook Project
Getting there…I’m getting close to the end of the Sketchbook Project…maybe:)
At any rate, the deadline’s coming up, isn’t it?
Well, I drew this one from life the other morning. He was completely absorbed in drawing dragons I think, and the window light was illuminating his hair and shoulder in a beautiful way. So I drew him, of course!


New sketch for Sketchbook Project and Illustration Friday “Spent”
Another sketch of my beautiful daughter, sleeping. I got the saying off of
Thank You!
I don’t have a lot to say tonight. I’m pretty “spent”, myself…:) Woke up too early, fighting the flu…yuck…but I’ll try to get something done for tomorrow. I have a lot of pages in this sketchbook to go before January!

“In Progress” 24″x36″

Here is the first step in my new painting. This is pretty much about 6-7 hours of work. I’ve pretty much worked out the drawing, I’ll fix any glitches in the painting stage, as I’m getting tired of erasing rooftops! In the painting, most of the buildings, with the exception of the Duomo, will be merely suggested, but I felt that I needed to draw them in nonetheless, in order to get the perspective right.
I’ll post the next installment soon. Cheers!