Goodbye to the Sketchbook Project! I’m Done!!

So…I know this page is a total cop-out! I had aspirations of doing a self-portrait with my kids, but somehow the day got away from me, and since the last picture turned out great, and took A LONG time to finish…I just didn’t want my very last picture to be second-rate…and I’m tired…there, I’m done, no more excuses…BUT!
I’m going to leave you with some artwork done by the stars of this journal. I figured since they were the ones featured most of the time, they should at least get a few pages…so I introduce ~

                                   Jacob Hall ~ age 7 (Indian Jones Ivy plant?? 😉 )

and Rhiannon Hall, aged 4

I told them they should make them fun and colorful, but they refused to because they said that I just used pencil and they wanted to do the same…so there!
It’s time for me to practise some color in these things I think!
Anyways, it’s been a load of fun doing the sketchbook project, and I’ll probably participate next year again. Thanks to all of you at EDM and everyone else who somehow found my blog, for all of your support!
I’ll still be posting “Almost Daily” with new paintings, and I’m going to start a new travel sketchbook, based on my thousands of pics from my trip to Europe last fall,
See ya later!!