More ACEO’s and a Large Painting

I have more ACEO’s for sale…keeping very busy!:)
I finished a large painting, today, too. Here’s Rhiannon on the beach in Maui…
12″ x 16″ oil on panel
bye for now!

Maui Treasures

Maui Treasures — sketcbook project
Hmmm…the scan doesn’t really do this one justice, but oh well…I took the reference photo for this last winter in Maui. It was the quintessential little boy picture. They were gathering shells and mussels from the lava outcropping at Baby Beach in Paia. We love going to this beach because it’s great for kids. The lava creates a natural breakwater, which shelters the little bay from the big waves, and the water is so warm. I’m also using this as a value study for my next painting.