Help me pick a name!!

Help give me a name!!

I created this little guy as a request from one of my Etsy shop customers, but I can’t think of a name for him! I’m going to add him to the shop soon as a physical print, and I’m in the process of setting up a new section where you can buy my cute watercolour animals as an instant download. You’ll be able to print them yourself and don’t have to spend time sitting around waiting for mail to arrive! You can follow my shop here for updates.

Published by Tahirih Goffic

After a tumultuous past as a goat milker, laundress, fine art major, waitress and restaurant owner, I've now downscaled to running my own Cafe/Gallery in an effort to maintain a social life and make a few bucks. I live a ridiculously idyllic existence in a fairytale village called Bella Coola on the West Coast of British Columbia with my charming musician husband, two amazingly creative children, and a dog whose favourite past time is eating rotten dead fish and rolling in poo. In my not so spare time I love to invent healthy whole food recipes, write YA fiction, play guitar, or curl up in my favourite chair with a great book and a gigantic mug of strong black coffee, all while daydreaming of living in Ireland...

5 thoughts on “Help me pick a name!!

  1. I think you just have to look at your drawing for a while and the name will come to you.
    I have thousands of drawings and paintings, and, unfortunately, most do not have names. When I have to put them in exhibition or similar, I invent some, and it’s not always the best. Basically, I think art should speak for itself.
    For instance, if painting requires description, it’s off. That means, the message in art wasn’t delivered which it should be.
    Good drawing!

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