In Ca’hoots

In Ca'hoots

In Ca’hoots ~ 5″ x 7″ watercolor, pen and acrylic ink painting

Playing with my new acrylic inks and some watercolors that I rarely use. I love animals, and have an affinity for our endangered species and hope to bring some recognition to these poor animals that are struggling to remain on our planet.


7 thoughts on “In Ca’hoots

  1. I like the combination of water colors and acrylics you used. I never used acrylic inks before. You also have some great detail in the painting and I hope you can bring more recognition to endangered animals.


    • Thanks so much! The inks are nice…I’m usually an oil painter, just experimenting a bit, and I like the brilliance of the inks compared to the more muted quality of watercolors. I guess they remind me of oils. I will be posting some images for sale with partial proceeds going to non-profit charities for animals…Thanks!


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