Self Portrait – “15.75 x “30.75 

I’ve really been wanting to paint figures lately, but I’ve had no good reference photos, and no models available, so my darling hubby and I did a photo shoot in my studio, and came up with some pretty good shots, with nice, dramatic light. 
This is one of those poses. 


4 thoughts on “

  1. Wow I love this. I am not a big art person, but just happening upon your blog and it just resonates with me for some reason. It is really great, the depth I love.


  2. I've been doing some catching up (again…after another long absence!)and WOW! this one is incredible! My favorite of all your work! And my goodness, you're beautiful too! I love your idea to just photograph yourself, I may use that!


  3. This is a phenomenal painting!!! It has drama to it – not just a body on a couch. I love the flower in the hand, and the fur draped on the couch. The position of the hands also makes it dramatic, theatrical, I think.


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