The Interruption

The Interruption  16″ x 20″ oil on panel
Well, I’ve finally posted something! It’s been a really long time, and I’ve missed you:)  I am now volunteering five days a week, to keep our local gallery open. I use it for my studio, and I run a little cafe, so if you’re in the area, please stop by for an organic, free trade, delicious espresso drink and biscotti.  Needless to say, I’m pretty busy.  I have been painting up a storm, but my time has been filled with commissions and failures.  Yup, there are definitely a few I’m too embarrassed to show you.  It seems like whenever I finish a really good one, it takes me a while to get my legs back under me so to speak. I guess I’m trying to live up to it, and the pressure is too great, so I screw up. Or something like that…anyways…I’m okay with this one, sort of.   I’m not sure if I like it, but I’ve learned that I have to let go, and let people decide for themselves before I use it for a frisbee.  
I did something this time that I hardly ever do, and totally messed with the lighting. I originally took the reference photo for this painting in the bright sunlight, it was filtering through the trees from the left, but I really wanted it to tell a story, so I changed the scene to night, and added the campfire.
Well, I hope to be back and posting more often now that my commissions are finished. Hopefully I work through this “sucky period”…The next one is coming along just smashingly, so cross your fingers for me that I don’t screw it up!
I also want to give a great big huge thank you to Kirsty over at KirstyGirl for featuring my blog on her blog. She is a wonderfully energetic and creative blogger, with a heart of gold, and I enjoy each and every one of her posts, along with her gorgeous photographs, so go check her out.


Published by Tahirih Goffic

After a tumultuous past as a goat milker, laundress, fine art major, waitress and restaurant owner, I've now downscaled to running my own Cafe/Gallery in an effort to maintain a social life and make a few bucks. I live a ridiculously idyllic existence in a fairytale village called Bella Coola on the West Coast of British Columbia with my charming musician husband, two amazingly creative children, and a dog whose favourite past time is eating rotten dead fish and rolling in poo. In my not so spare time I love to invent healthy whole food recipes, write YA fiction, play guitar, or curl up in my favourite chair with a great book and a gigantic mug of strong black coffee, all while daydreaming of living in Ireland...

9 thoughts on “The Interruption

  1. It certainly does leave you wondering about the story and where the person/people went. (Probably up the nearest tree?)
    For every good piece done there is always at least 3 others that go in the bin…it's creation law!


  2. Thank you so much for the link and lovely comments!

    I am absolutely shocked! I can not believe that you would be unsure about this painting! I really want to see the ones you were “embarrassed” about and see how completely lovely they actually are!

    I would be absolutely ecstatic if I could paint something this amazing. It truly is a beautifully done painting! I am loving the bears you paint. For some reason they really get to me. So beautiful.


  3. a lovely painting! was the bear in the reference photo? scary! bravo for the time of day change as well, beautifully done. your work is just wonderful, i'm so glad you stopped by. and the “sucky” period is called “the dread mahockiss” around here. it pops up all to often but is usually followed with a burst of satisfying work, so hang in!


  4. I love this painting! The only thing I can think of that might be changed has more to do with logic than anything else. The painting is called The Interruption and looking on it makes me think a couple of campers were surprised by a bear and took off in a hurry. If this is indeed the case I would expect there to be more left of them than just the fire, maybe some camping equipment, a cup or some plates or whatever wlse they had lying aroung. They wouldn't have time to pack it all up if the bear was a surprise to them, right? I actually like the scene the way it is, it's just something that got me thinking, because you asked, haha.


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