Barkerville Blacksmith

Barkerville Blacksmith 20″ x 24″ oil on canvas  $1400.00
I’ve been working on this painting on and off for ages, and I finally put the finishing touches (i think) on it a few minutes ago. I was so anxious to share, I photographed it right away, and came down to the studio to upload it for y’all! If there’s anything that totally bugs you, or needs to be fixed…I appreciate and welcome constructive criticism, but for now, to me, I don’t see any doozies. That might change in a few hours, though, lol!

15 thoughts on “Barkerville Blacksmith

  1. Once again another amazing painting!!! I always get excited when I see you have a new post because I know I'm about to see something awesome:)wonderful skills you have!


  2. I love the finished product, though perhaps a change to nose wouldn't hurt the painting. I think the architectural details to the fire are simply exquisite also. I praise you for your beautiful marksmanship!!!


  3. This is really impressive! Great subject, awesome painting!
    You really have great talent, and I love how varied your posts are, with many subjects and styles – there's even a cake, and what a cool cake :)!


  4. Hello I’ve been a Professional Blacksmith for 38 years now retired . You have captured the essence of the forge perfectly . It has the right feel to it from my perspective as someone who has managed to stand by the fire for a very long time . Well done !!!


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