Dublin, Ireland ~ the Custom House, O’Connell Bridge and the Liffey River

(please click if you want to see it bigger)
This was basically the very first photo I took in Dublin. It features the Custom House, O’Connell Street Bridge, and of course, the Liffey River. My hostel, Abigail’s, was also very near to there. 
Now, I do believe that I have become quite daft!! I came to the realization while working on this spread, which took two days! It takes me less time to do a full size painting sometimes:) Maybe I should ditch impressionism, and go for photorealism, which tends to better suit my nature, lol! I found myself having to add every single little detail…down to the single bricks in Abigail’s…sigh. Anyone have any tips on drawing architecture more quickly? Lol! Anyways, it was fun, if challenging, and I’m looking forward to my next spread, and revisiting the memories that go along with it.

14 thoughts on “Dublin, Ireland ~ the Custom House, O’Connell Bridge and the Liffey River

  1. This is stunning – absolutely stunning! Well laid out, beautifully drawn, and great lettering. I do not do journal pages, just the art, and I will take an inordinate amount of time of a page. Why? I ask myself the same thing. 🙂


  2. Wow. Like Dan said, it's stunning! Fantastic drawings, awesome composition for the page. You make me want to go through my old photo souvenirs and maybe find inspiration there!


  3. Oh yeah, I've seen this when I was in a bus heading towards Galway… =) Such a beautiful city, and you definitely brought it out on your journal. The details are stunningly superb!
    Thanks for the comments too BTW


  4. Thanks so much, everyone. Idcoach, it's a Daler-Rowney, Cachet. It's called the Earthbound Recycled Sketchbook. I just love it. It opens flat, has 78 sheets of unlined paper, it's 100% recycled and Acid free…the paper stands up well to watercolor, and is fairly heavy.


  5. Your sketch is remarkable. I Love the way you've used the colour to push the background back and to add interest to the details in the foreground. Delightful!


  6. Just wonderful what you have done. If it takes time, it takes time. That's just the way it is. I can spend days on details on one drawing and be really slapdash with others. I sense you are more consistent.


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