Putting the Star on the Tree

The Final Touch — For the Sketchbook Project
I couldn’t resist sketching this photo we took the day we trimmed the tree. Sorry my DH, I didn’t do you justice…your face is just at a weird angle, lol! 
Only 12 more pages, and 14 more days left…

9 thoughts on “Putting the Star on the Tree

  1. Hey there, fellow last-minute-sketchbooker! 😉 (I'm in a hurry with mine too)
    This sketch is wonderful. I think it conveys that magic Christmas-y feeling just perfectly!


  2. It is lovely. Glad to hear there is someone else going down to wire with the sketchbook project. I am at about the same place as you. we can do it!


  3. Ouch! Talk about pressure! 12 in 14 days?

    This is terrific though, and honestly, I don't think I'd send it in; it's too precious! (I know you have the scans…maybe you could put them into a blurb book, or issuu?)


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