Dora’s Dinosaur Rescue

Dora’s Dinosaur Rescue for Sketchbook Project

I decided to try to have a little fun with a still life today. I’m trying to read “The Artist’s Way” right now, because, aside from the sketchbook thing, I’m feeling a little creatively blocked. I don’t really know which direction to take my art, now that the show season is over, and I’ve done this big, serious, exhausting commission. I feel like I tend to take myself and my art a little too seriously anyways. I probably just need to marinate for a while, but I still feel driven to paint, I just don’t know what or how…At any rate, the Artist’s Way talks about nourishing your Inner Child…so I brought out the toys:) And since the theme for this sketchbook is Girls and Boys, I grabbed some girl toys and some boy toys. This tense standoff is what ensued, lol!

6 thoughts on “Dora’s Dinosaur Rescue

  1. Hi Tahirih,
    I like Dora and the Dinosaur! What a fun way to build a still life. I find that the more I draw, the more “creative” things become. But, this is pretty darn creative! Congrats!


  2. Looks very creative to me! I think creativity suffers when art becomes work. I try to vary what I do, media, projects etc just to keep the spark going and not to get bored with myself.


  3. This is great, Im also struggling with inspiration for my project but other blogs do provide inspiration so maybe you could just wander around blogland.


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