These Old Shoes

These Old Shoes–Sketchbook Project
Some more shoes….they’re fun to draw. Blank ballpoint with some blue details. They took about three hours. Funny, I have patience to work on a sketchbook picture that long, but a big painting on canvas? Not so much, lol! I suppose there’s always a feeling that the canvases are serious, too dear. No room for error. Do we get too attached? Afraid to make mistakes? I don’t find much joy in painting lately, but this sketchbook project is helping me find joy in art again. 

9 thoughts on “These Old Shoes

  1. Love your drawing – and the you comment made me laugh!
    When my comfy shoes get just too stinky to wear, I put them in the washing machine and give them a wash. I figure that, by then, I have nothing to loose and lots to gain! (And you would still have the sketch…!)


  2. Funny and cute drawing! I just completed a drawing of a pair of shoes in ballpoint that took me about ten hours to complete, but I know what you mean. I don't have patience for even thirty minutes with water color these days….


  3. Thanks everybody, as usual, for your great comments.
    Marancat, you're right…and I've done it. I had to throw away a different pair of stinky Skechers on my Europe trip last year. Nowhere to wash them, and they were suffocating my hostelmates! I'm sad I didn't even get to draw them…they were quite pretty…Shirley, baking soda works for a while, then the washing machine…and yes Raena, they're Skechers…I think they're just prone to stinkiness, but they just fit my feet so well!


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