This Girl’s Shoes

Sketchbook Project- This Girl’s Shoes
A new sketch for the Sketchbook Project.  This one was fun! I was inspired by Andrea Joseph and her wonderful shoes in ballpoint. I started out in black ballpoint, and then thought “they’re so colorful, I can’t leave that out”, so I did the color accents in colored pencil.
These shoes make me smile, and they also make me about 6 feet tall. My husband hates when I wear them because he’s only 5’9. He’ll look up at me, make a face and sigh….:)

6 thoughts on “This Girl’s Shoes

  1. Those shoes are killing my knees but it makes me remember wearing something similar to them. They are awesome shoes. I think every woman should wear sexy shoes as often as she can! You did a great job drawing them.


  2. Awesome looking shoe and beautifully drawn. =) I am 6'2 and my wife's 5'1, so I am never worried about her wearing heels(only for her safety really)


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